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ACT/ SAT Prep & Evalution 

The ACT test is critical for college-bound high school students.

Unfortunately, many students struggle to do well on this exam. With Hatching House Mentoring, your child will not have to struggle. We can help your child achieve the score they want.

About the ACT Exam

ACT test scores range from a low of 11 to a high of 36.

ACT prep and ACT practice tests near Louisville, Kentucky (KY) and other mentoring services.

The exam is proctored and consists of English, Reading, Mathematics, and Sciences sections. There is an optional ACT Writing test. A child who does well on the ACT becomes eligible for some of the most prestigious scholarships and awards. Many schools consider test scores from the ACT or SAT, making these exams integral for college admission.

For kids with learning disabilities like ADHD, dyslexia, or any number of other disabilities, it can be easy for them to fall through the cracks of standardized testing. Working with us means that your child will stand a chance.

For kids who need to improve specific test-taking skills, we can help too. Whether the English test or the Mathematics test is dragging down the composite score, our experts can help your student feel more confident going into the test. 

More than the ACT Exam

When working with our ACT exam readiness tutor, your child will find taking all standardized tests much easier. The work we do may be specifically curated for the ACT, but it is not limited to this exam. Our students can utilize the test-taking skills they learn with Hatching House Mentoring Services and apply them to the rest of their high school and college experience.  

Our goal is to get your child ready from day one of their first year. However, we will be glad to start tutoring your child at any time in their high school career. We have weekly in-person or virtual ACT tutoring sessions.

ACT Prep and ACT tutoring near Louisville, Kentucky (KY) and other services from Hatching House Mentoring.

Our Process

If your child is struggling in one or more sections of the ACT, we know just what to do. Our strategy is simple. We:

  • Give practice tests

  • Evaluate the tests

  • Build a comprehensive plan

  • Build your child’s confidence

  • Your child will receive expert, personalized instruction from our ACT exam readiness tutors. We know that children vastly benefit from one-on-one instruction. We have seen children flourish with the focused attention that only one-on-one tutoring can give.

    Many colleges look at the whole picture that they get from a student's application packet. we know that your test scores can be an early indicator of how well a student will do at a particular institution. This means the ACT score is highly important. The sooner you get started planning for your child's future, the better. While we prefer to begin test preparation early, we know that our methods will improve students' test scores at any stage in their high school career.

    Our tutors can be the difference between a 16 composite score and a 26 composite score. Whether your child has a learning disability or simply does not test well, get in touch with us.

    Our online ACT tutors are practiced in helping students excel during the exam. Here are some of our favorite tips:

    - Paced exams are aced exams!

    • Monitor the time independently from the test proctor!

    - Know your comma.

    • Learn the difference between a comma splice and a comma marking an introductory phrase.

    - Eat before you go!

    • A hungry student is less likely to be able to stay focused during the exam. Eat before you go and prevent distractions before they start.

    ACT Tips and other ACT help near Louisville, Kentucky (KY) and other ACT services.

    - You can retake the test!

    • Don't be disheartened if you don't meet your goals the first time you take the actual test. Work with Hatching House Mentoring Services and try again!

    - Preparation is key when it comes to earning a high score on the ACT. 

    Who We Are 

    Hatching House Mentoring Services offers ACT Prep Classes, tutoring, ACT Math, ACT English, ACT Reading, and ACT Sciences Practice Tests. We are experts in helping children overcome their challenges. We give young adults the tools and skills to help them flourish. Watching your child struggle with their ACT scores can be difficult. Give them a helping hand by enrolling them in our ACT prep sessions.

    Let us help your child prepare for the ACT. Have you noticed that your student needs more help beyond the ACT?

    We also offer tutoring sessions, resume writing sessions, self-esteem development, and other skills for life. Hatching House is an education-focused nonprofit. We are dedicated to helping the youth of Louisville and the surrounding areas excel in their education, future careers, and their life.

    We are proud to offer an ever-evolving line-up of leadership, career, and life skills to students across the Louisville, Shelbyville, Lexington, KY, and Clarksville, IN areas. You can reach us at (502)369-3800, Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. We're excited to help your child flourish.

    For more information or to donate and support our mission, check out these links. 

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